« A real film, in which one seriously commits himself to his task
(no to mention his mission) is not just any other job, but rather a
human act that determines one’s destiny »

– Andrei Tarkovsky “Sculpting in Time”.

CV — Jens Vandendriessche


Visual artist – Editor / Director / Cameraman: based in Berlin.
Strong interest and understanding of edition, visual poetry and
communicating emotions with moving image.

• Skilled in creation of rythmical audiovisual compositions,
mostly music videos, videoart, and also structruted

Passionate about finding the perfect relation between image
and music, and creating new emotions and dimensions out of
this combination.

• Work experience including Madrid based companies (MTV
Networks, Paramount Comedy, TV advertising production
companies), Berlin based companies (House of Packshots) and
experience as editor assistant of director Marten Persiel (Berlin).

• Wide experience in freelance jobs: musicvideos, making
offs, projections / visuals, documentaries, shortfilms, videoart,
showreels for directors and actors.

Extense musical knowledge, sensitivity and intuition for
esthetics, photography, sense of rythm and sense of narrative.

Enthusiastic about editing, filming and directing any kind of
films, mostly music videos.

• I am enterprising, efficient, determined, confident about my
work, excited about new challenges, social, very open minded
and humorous. I have flemish parents (Belgium) and I was born
in the south of Spain.

Currently exhibiting latest solo exhibition “Human Images for
Silent Beings”, composed by 16 musicvideos and videoart pieces.
Premiere took place in Kino Movimiento (Berlin) November
2011, and next screenings in Berlin coming soon.


2001 / 2002 – Degree in film analyse, Département du Cinéma,
Université Paris 8. Speciality in modern European film and
American Burlesque (Chaplin, Keaton).

1998 / 2001 – Degree in Audiovisual Comunication and Media
Studies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Edition / Direction / Cameraman


2011 – Direction, Edition & Filming of Documentary “My
family who are my friends, my friends who are my family” (1h
20min), filmed during 10 years. Premiere in Spring 2012 in Kino
Movimiento, Berlin.

2011 – Direction, Edition and Filming of solo exhibition
“Human Images for Silent beings” (1h 15min), composed by 16
musicvideos and videoart pieces. Premiere and screening took
place in Kino Movimiento (November 2011) and next screenings

2011 – Editor in production company “House of Packshots”,
Berlin. Clients: Bosch, Siemens.

2011 – Editor assistant of Director Marten Persiel (editing of
several videoclips, documentaries & showreel of Director)

2011 – Editor of oficial Video for International art exhibition
“City Lights” (Berlin, Turkey) Domaquarée, Berlin.

2010 – 1st Assistant director of independent Musicvideos
(Berlin, Hamburg).

2009 – Direction, Edition and Filming of solo Exhibition
“My instinct always tells me the true way”, premiere June 2009,
Cinema La enana marrón, Madrid.

2009 – First Assistant director several TV Spots in Madrid
(Continental productions.) Clients: Telefónica, Department of
Health and Consume...

2008 – 2nd Assistant director, Film “Cruzando la línea”, directed
by Federico Bruno (Horizon Film).
2006 – First Assistant director for several videoclips and
shortfilms, Madrid (Lovemonk Productions, Alicia Produce,
Furillo Films).

2002 – Direction & screenwriting of shortfilm “Pájaros de Piedra”
(selected in 7 shortfilm festivals in Spain)

2001 – Direction & screenwriting of shortfilm “Angeles Urbanos”
(Award: 1st price, best shortfilm, Universidad CEU San Pablo,
Madrid. Selected in 13 shortfilm festivals in Spain)

1999 – Direction & screenwriting of shortfilm “Marcadestinos”.
My first shortfilm, 19 years old.


2009 – MTV Networks, Paramount Comedy Channel Spain.
• Production assistant / TV show “Smonka!”
• Production of several autopromotional spots.
• Production Assistant / TV Programe “Solo Ante El Peligro”

2009 – Production assitant at several TV Spots, different
production companies (The Family at Madrid, Alamo Films, El
Corte Inglés, Widescope Productions, Continental Productions,
VideoOn, Videocamino Producciones, Visor Spot International,
Sesión Contínua prods..). Clients: Vodafone, General Optica,
Digital +, Governement of Castilla La Mancha, University of
Salamanca, El Corte Inglés, Departement of work and social
Life, Institute of Exterior Commerce, Legalitas”, Department of
Sanity, Malibú...
Other Work Experiences

2010 – Berlinale 2010, Berlin International Film Festival.
Guest Manager

2000 / 2011 – Model in several TV Spots (Heineken, Nokia,
Volkswagen, McDonalds, ...)


Spanish...........Mother tongue
Dutch...............Mother tongue
English............High level, spoken and written.
French.............High level, spoken and written.
German...........Medium / high level, spoken and written.
Italian..............Medium level, spoken.


Final Cut Pro, Color.
Own HD camera. Own equipment.

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