"My family who are my friends, my friends who are my family" is a documentary which I worked on for many years. For 10 years I have been filming my Life, from my 19 till my 29 years old.

I wanted to make a Film about the Idea that Family and Friends are concepts, are feelings, who touch eachother in many aspects. It's about two worlds which, at the end, in my opinion, are practically the same.
I have been very lucky in my Life because I met incredible and wonderful people. Lucky, because there are members of my family who are real friends for me, persons you can rely on and trust on. Lucky, because I have friends who are real family for me. We care for eachother, and love eachother, and we are always there, near... At the end, it's all about Love and about feelings...

This Documentary tells this story trough the first part of my Life, with images filmed with all of them from the firts day I had a camera in my hands in the year 2000 till December 2010.